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2010 Annual meeting of the American Association of Anatomists: Using Assessments to Energize Your Innovation

Most educational innovations fail, especially on the first try. In this workshop, we use a case study to demonstrate techniques that will allow you to design and implement a successful education innovation.

2014 Presentation to the TriBeta Biology Honors Society of the University of St. Joseph, Hartford Connecticut: Stem cells demystified: Basic biology and ethical concerns

Presenting complex scientific concepts to lay or undergraduate audiences is a special skill.  This video illustrates techniques for putting an audience at ease, using imagery to stimulate their imagination and engaging them in intellectual challenges within a lecture-hall setting.

2014 Testimony presented to the Commerce Committee of the Connecticut Legislature.

Discussing complex scientific issues with lay audiences, without slides, is a challenging yet essential skill for developing a scientifically literate public that will support research. In this legislation, the Governor proposed adding 20 million dollars to the States Stem Cell Research Fund, but the legislation changed the definition for the types of research that would be funded.  As a result of my testimony I was invited to draft more appropriate language.  With the help of colleagues who  addressed other sections of the bill, a revised bill is now being considered by the Governor’s team.  By reaching out to lay members of the committee and Governor’s office, we are negotiating stronger legislation that will benefit the State and the research community.

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