Dr. Chao Ma, Chairman, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy of Medical
Sciences, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences

“Dr. Rizzolo helped my department lead curriculum reform at the Peking Union Medical College. With his coaching, we were awarded ‘Excellent teaching team of the year’ by the medical school, which included extra funding for further development of educational reform.”

Charles W. Bohmfalk Teaching Prize, 2012; Yale University School of Medicine. Student endorsements taken from the Dean’s award letter:

“Dr. Rizzolo’s Human Anatomy course is amazing. He has clearly put a tremendous amount of work into designing a course that helps us learn anatomy deeply, thus establishing a strong foundation for the rest of our training.  The structure of the course and the materials are wonderful. They enable us to learn anatomy WITHOUT MEMORIZING. If all of our courses were as strong as Dr. Rizzolo’s, the Yale SOM would establish itself in a new tier above all other medical schools.”

“[He] created a great anatomy learning system”

“[He showed] commitment, dedication, passion”

“No one is more dedicated to conveying educational information than Dr. Rizzolo.  Without his teachings during the basic science years, our knowledge would have no tangible scaffolding in which to place the pieces.”

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