SciEd Coaching & Consulting provides individualized coaching that works within your schedule and natural skills to help you become a more effective educator. An accomplished scientist and educator helps you discover your strengths and merge your personal goals with those of your institution’s curriculum. SciEd Coaching & Consulting values the beauty and wonder of science and wants to help you instill your joy of discovery in your students.

Biomedical scientists and clinicians are rigorously trained, but rarely in the art of education. Most faculty develop eclectic teaching styles by trial and error based on positive or negative experiences with their own instructors. Successful or not, these teaching styles often do not flow readily among the five traits of the artful educator: coach, mentor, trainer, facilitator, and teacher.  Much as faculty might like to develop their educational skills, they are committed to time-hungry research and clinical responsibilities. SciEd Coaching & Consulting can help!

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